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Hello Ballarat

I am so, so happy to meet you.

When we made the decision to move to Melbourne I was extremely excited at all the creative prospects and outlets that I had been craving for such a long time while living in the Middle East. My enthusiasm was dampened when we started thinking more practically about the decision and adjusted our destination to a small town in regional Victoria – Ballarat.

I am a city girl having only ever experienced living in a bustling Metropolis. I live for crowds, dressing up for no real reason and having a smorgasbord of choice when it comes to going out, dining out, working out and take out. I am most definitely NOT a country mouse.

It didn’t help that we moved over in the midst of freezing winter going from a sweltering 45˚C to a cool 2˚C overnight.

However, Ballarat has some great surprises up her (long, possibly a warm turtleneck) sleeve:

  • The friendliest people
  • A phenomenal wine bar
  • A bustling Arts & Culture scene and a very large creative community
  • The greenest most beautiful summer (but still mostly cold)
  • Plenty of open spaces
  • A very impressive lake
  • Some super cool bars and eateries

I am so grateful to have been welcomed into this wonderful community and am looking forward to exploring more of this beautiful town and sinking my teeth (both literally and physically) into some fabulous projects in the region.

I would love to hear your Ballarat tips and recommendations so please hit me up.

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