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Turkish Delight Tipple

Food + Drink

Just in time for Galentine’s Day or Valentines Day – whatever you are into – or maybe just for a soirée you are throwing next weekend, this tasty tipple is a low in effort and high in reward.

I made this with Santory ROKU Gin, which is a lovely Botanical gin distilled in Japan.

Here is the recipe:

In a shaker combine

  • 60ml Gin
  • 30ml grapefruit cordial
  • a few blocks of chopped cucumber
  • 5 mint leaves
  • 5ml rose essence or 10ml of rosewater
  • lots of ice

Shake them together vigorously for 1 minute and strain into a glass of tonic water.

Give them a stir and garnish with a sprig of mint or a stick of cucumber

If you are having a few people over, you could make a bulk of the recipe and create a jug of this ahead, adding the tonic water (about 250ml per recipe above) and take the hassle out when your guests arrive.

Let me know how you go 🙂

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