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Running a creative business (any business for that matter) can be (is!) exhausting and when you’re on your own you’re the only one who is accountable.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m a creative and we typically tend to be a pretty forgetful bunch, or if it’s just because I’m struggling to get organised, but I’ve found myself is a constant state of overwhelm, where I feel completely polarised by all my to-do’s.

I’ve found a number of online tools that have been so helpful in making sure I don’t miss a beat (or an opportunity). These tools are such game-changers that it’s almost like I have an assistant working for me, keeping me on top of things, ensuring my business flows smoothly and I still have time for life stuff (kids and family – remember them?).

As a result, I’m not stuck in the black hole which is my mobile phone or behind my desk for hours at a time not knowing where to even start, which massively frees me up to create! Sharing really is caring #amirite? so I’ve noted a few of these down below in the hopes you may find them as useful as I have.

This amazing piece of software has changed my life! Although a little long-winded to do the initial setup (I was tearing out my hair), the result is a slick interface for my clients with as little back and forth as possible.

Through Dubsado, I am able to create automated workflows which saves me time and ensures I don’t miss a lead and make sure invoicing, contracts and communication are up to date.

You can use the code THEDUZH here, to receive a discount when you sign up! YAY!

A friend recommended this to me and its taken so much of my self-doubt out of the emailer process. Ampjar connects to your instagram as is customisable in terms of grids and layout so you can go for the look you really want, giving some aspects more importance than others with an obvious connection back to your site and your socials – I’m in love!

With the Instagram engagement issues so many people are experiencing, Instagram is not the happy marketplace it once was: enter Tailwind. It’s a scheduler and so much more, it does the following too:
Helps find the ideal times for you to post
Best hashtag strategies for all socials
Insights into my activity
Autopost feature available for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest

It’s also pretty affordable! Even more with this link, where you can claim a Tailwind credit.

Are you using much automation these days? Let me know what software and tools are impacting your business and your life in positive ways. I’d love to know!

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