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I'M Emma

I'm a brand photographer who loves to keep it real. Learn more about the work I do here!

The restaurant hustle


Having worked within many facets of the restaurant industry, I get it!
The restaurant biz is a tough gig – it’s ridiculously competitive.

Besides having consistently fantastic fare, the service needs to impress and interiors and branding need to be on par with your offering. You’ve got this part down – so how do you get those hard earned customers to make the decision to place their butts on your chairs?

Well, I’m going to tell you.

The average consumer will find out about your establishment one of several ways. This could be through any number of search engines or foodie apps, word of mouth or perhaps even seeing it while on their way to work. They are likely to look at reviews and then, they’ll head over to everyone’s worst best friend – social media, to make their final decision.

You have less than 1 second (!!!) to make an impression.
If your food looks drab, is shot in bad light or the personality of your restaurant doesn’t appeal to them, or worse, is not construed in the most flattering or tantalising way, they’ll take their focus (and their derrière’s) elsewhere.

The bad news: they aren’t likely to take a trip down memory lane and repeat this process any time soon.

The good news: you can change how your brand is perceived through great photography that tells your provenance and/or story.

The even better news: you’ve just stumbled upon a solution – enter me (jazz hands)!

When you’ve got photography that’s (almost) as mouthwatering as your food, you’ll receive more online engagement (fact!) and all you’ll have to worry about it making sure you keep delivering the excellent standards you always strive for. But that part I’m sure you’ve already got covered 😉

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