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Why you need a great Food Photographer

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You spend countless hours crafting your concept, developing your menu and dealing with all the health and safety headaches required to open your space, so make sure your hire a food photographer with the expertise to do your menu items justice.

Unlike the delectable delights within your food business, a photograph is mono-sensoral, meaning, we can only understand the taste / smell and understand the ambience you are selling through the sense of sight.

This means that every leaf, every piece of pasta every crumb of chocolate needs to arouse all our senses, only through us seeing the photograph before us.

Basically: Good food photography makes your tummy rumble and your mouth water

Here are four reasons your business needs a great food photographer:

1. Magicians of Light
Lighting plays a vital role when in Fantastic food photography. The way the light hits the food, displaying its textures is a part of the experience that food delivers.
Professionals spend their whole careers learning lighting techniques. After all, “photography” literally means light drawing. Using flash and off-camera lighting takes education and experience.
When your food isn’t lit right, it can look plain and unappetizing, great lighting captures your food and the mood perfectly.

2. A picture is worth 1,000 words
Styling is another important part of food photography.

An experienced professional, plates the food in the most enticing manner creating a masterful play of negative space, allowing the viewers eye to focus exactly where they want it to. The right angle and composition can make or break the photo.

The best images also tell stories. A food photographer tells a consistent brand story using your food, with the artful interactions between food and the other elements in the frame.

3. They understand that your vibe attracts your tribe
When people scour the web or socials looking for a new restaurant to try, they’re interested in more than just the food. The food catches their eye first but the atmosphere of the restaurant plays just as important a role.
Being able to capture the ambience of a romantic restaurant is challenging and takes technical knowledge and experience as well as a robust understanding of your brand and audience.

4. High standards of quality
High-quality photographs represent a high-quality business.

Investing some time and budget into unbeatable photographs shows your customers that you are committed to the best.

Quality photography is important for all successful businesses.
It’s even more important for restaurants. If the food doesn’t look as mouth-watering online as it does in person, your customers won’t be queueing out the door.

I am obsessed with bringing food to life through my lens with lighting, styling and perfecting my craft. If you are as passionate about your restaurant and your offering, get in touch!

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