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I'M Emma

I'm a brand photographer who loves to keep it real. Learn more about the work I do here!



My design background has provided me with an immense love and appreciation of packaging and when I discovered Sydney-based company Tasteology, it was love at first sight.

I fell even further in love with the branding when I did some stalking across their social media sites and saw how consistent their brand visuals and brand messages are.

Locally and ethically sourced, the Tasteology team strive to work with small local growers to produce some sensational flavours and very high-end products.

The very clean and shadowy style of photography we opted for, suggests a freshness and cleanliness to their visuals and the uncomplicated styling, places importance of the images on the products themselves.

As a part of the package, we incentivised some organic social media engagement, by hosting a competition, whereby the winner would receive 4 beautiful Tasteology products (1x Olive Oil, 1x Barrier Reef Salt, 1x Vanilla Sugar and 1x black pepper).

The packaging of the products is mostly glass and too beautiful to hide away in a pantry and I’m sure the winner will allow them pride of place in her kitchen at home. I know I would.

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