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Shoot: Eclectic Tastes


Never before on a shoot have I partaken in quite as much indulgence as I did on this one. There were so many new menu items coming out of the kitchen that suited my dietary restrictions and I didn’t waste any time in getting to know them more intimately 😉

Eclectic Tastes Cafe and Pantry is a local, Ballarat based restaurant that have just opened up for dinner on Fridays and Saturdays- a wonderful addition to the weekend options that are available.

I really enjoyed shooting in this darker moodier style, which suits this black-walled restaurant pretty well. The interiors are moody and the dishes are decadent and not shy on the portions at all.

Restaurant Photography is always a welcome break for me. Usually I’m in my studio, super focused but also all on my own. Every now and again, it’s a wonderful change to be able to interact with other humans while I work. The team at Eclectic Tastes were extremely helpful, friendly and knowledgeable about the wines they have on offer as well as the ingredients of the dishes that make up their menu.

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