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Shoot: Food too pretty to eat (almost)

Food + Drink, Restaurant

This month I got called back to shoot the new spring menu for Ballarat classic, Craig’s Royal Hotel .

The weather is warming up and although I shot at the same time of day as I did with the previous shoot, the light was completely different (cheers, daylight savings).

The restaurant is built like a conservatory with a glass ceiling and the light was perfect for a hard shadow lover like me.

The food was beautiful, as usual and a pleasure to shoot. I even managed to get a few sneaky splash shots in there.

The playfulness of hard light, really makes the restaurant seem more approachable than it’s reputation gives it credit for – something the client want so avoid is a high brow visual representation of the experience.

The addition of shadows and floral elements, add a real spring freshness and dynamism to the restaurant photography.

What do you think of this style?

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