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Shoot: Jus Lie

Lifestyle, Product

Brand photography shoot for some beautiful crafted linens form South Africa. Jus Lie is an artisan brand of table linens that place an emphasis on the sensory joys of being in the kitchen.

This lifestyle shoot for their product photography was briefed in to be a mix of dark and moody and light and moody atmospheres. The linens feature exquisite hand-drawn illustrations that present really beautiful on the crisp white cotton fabrics.

The use of colour in the images was minimal as the branding itself is monochrome. the majority of the props were black and white and the choice of cutlery mostly antique silver.

6 final header images of various scenes were delivered for use on the website. These involved fresh produce and baked goods, tea and some baking setups.

I delivered a large number of images for use on social media as part of a content creation package – I opted for a cool temperature so that there would be a synonymous style for the brand throughout their communications.

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