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Shoot: ALTD Spirits

Lifestyle, Product

I had the MOST fun with this project. It is so fantastic to work with clients who believe in the creative direction for a shoot.

Still life photography bright and colourful product photographer melbourne australia

I’ve always held the belief that the client/agency relationship is one of equals and collaboration is the key to a successful campaign and even more so, a successful brand. If a client has no faith in the creative, the relationship is stifled and the creative direction and flow gets blocked.

bright still life photography creative direction bottle photography product photographer

This still life photography for ALTD Spirits – a non-alcoholic botanical spirit, made here in Australia was an incredible campaign to work on.

product photographer melbourne emma duzhnikov bottle photography australia

The brief was to position the product as a fun, bold and slightly off-the-wall, appealing to a wide audience. The idea of imperfection was appealing to the client too and we opted for the torn edges of the set, as opposed to really clean and neatly finished off edges.

The more commercial shoots I’m involved in, the more grateful I’m becoming for my years of experience as a creative director in the advertising industry. This background has not only armed me with a brand-centric approach to my projects, but I’m also not afraid of using photoshop – a skill which came in very handy during the editing process of this shoot.

I think that still life photography has become my favourite. I love the creative process and conceptualising the entirety of the project. My creative cup feels so full every time I’ve handed one over.

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