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Shoot: Playing with drinks Part 1

Drinks, Lifestyle

Well, the Victorian government has announced that we can start having people in our homes again and I’m out of practice so I decided to make and shoot some cocktails in my new studio at home.

Here are some of the results. This is a bitter grapefruit and gin drink. I adore this soft colour and the back lighting of the glassware creates a magical quality for these drinks. I haven’t shot with natural light in a really long time so this was a welcome change to the usual hard light I shoot with my speedlight.

I was keen to show a bit of storytelling, so placed some colour appropriate jewellery in the frame to add to the mood. I have been very aware of colour and placing so much importance on it both through the lens and real life, and I really enjoy these softer colours with the hard light.

As a professional photographer, I seldom get time to create my own images so I always appreciate being able to find some time to do this. THANKS COVID-19!

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  1. these photos are wonderful.
    Congrats !
    I m wandering, what is your strobe setup for these shot?
    I would love to try.
    Thank you very much Emma