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I'M Emma

I'm a brand photographer who loves to keep it real. Learn more about the work I do here!

Not every day you get to shoot the works of a third generation Italian baker.
Impasto Forno Antico is a small bakery located in Avondale Heights in Melbourne, Australia and their breads are HEAVEN!

The client wanted a classic approach to their photography aesthetic and so we took a high contrast chiaroscuro approach to the lighting, creating an almost painterly effect on the hero images.

For the styling I chose simple linens that blended in with the shoot and were highly textured. A simple pop of limes on the table provided the freshness we needed. I deliberately scrunched up all the fabric elements to create the dramatic shadows so that the lighting on the bread really made it the showpiece of each shot.

Setting the lighting up to the side and not head-on, also helped bring out the texture of the bread which was something the client really wanted to focus on.

Their croissants are also a big part of their B2B business and we captured these with a more feminine linen styling, again keeping it simple and allowing the product to do the talking. Dipping croissants in coffee is a very Italian morning practice so we had to capture that, It was the first time I tried this and it was so delicious. 5 stars, highly recommend 🙂

And lastly we captured their panini and then gobbled them all up.

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