Photography Packages

So you’re seriously considering this photography thing huh?
I’ve packaged my services up into three main bundles with a few add-ons here and there.
The below are fully customisable, depending on client needs and budget.

Package 1: The Gram Slam

This is a point and shoot session that involves as much or as little styling from me as you would like to include in your budget and results in a large library of visuals for your use on social media

Shoot duration: content dependent (2 – 7 hours)
Shoot Output: up to 90 images with basic editing

Package 2: Half Day Shoot

This is a half a day shoot where I would style and shoot up to 5 scenarios or dishes, depending on the complexity of each.
You will be left with a beautifully considered batch of images for use over print or digital advertising or on your website.

Shoot duration: 4 hours
Shoot Output: 7-10 styled images with basic editing

Package 3: Full Day Shoot

This package entails a full day shoot, where I shoot up to 9 scenarios, again depending on the complexity of each shot.
These images can be used for print, digital marketing, websites and brochures and are crafted and styled to perfection.

Shoot duration: 8 hours
Shoot Output: 15-20 styled images with basic editing