Alfonso X Cigar Bar


Something I feel is so important in the brands I create is storytelling. This brand narrative spans across the name, the aesthetic and the words of the identities I create. The Melia Hotel in Dubai was the hotel group’s first property in the Middle East and so connecting Spain and the Middle East in all the brands became a recurring theme across the outlets within the establishment.

Alfonso the 10th (Alfonso X) was the King of Spain during Moorish times who became revered for his fairness and equality between the very cosmopolitan population of Andalucia at the time. He also was somewhat of an intellectual, commissioning the translation of many Arabic texts into Latin and Castilian.


We decided from the very beginning that the production values for this brand would be high and that, like a seal of approval, we would create plastic custom-made seals that would be handed out to members or owners of humidors on a keychain. These seals would also be embedded into the front cover of the menus.


The logo needed to be simple to accommodate the production of the seals and so it was crafted over and over to create the simplest version of the mark we loved.


A part of the concept of naming the bar after a Spanish king was the idea that every man and woman that enters the bar is made to feel like royalty. This above quote by George Bernard Shaw we felt was very fitting.


The menu covers were very tactile and feature an embossed texture that visually resembles fur.

IMG_3425 IMG_3255 u2c1307.jpg IMG_3231 _U2C1335


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