Also a part of Meliá Dubai, Azalya was the All Day Dining outlet in the hotel and it needed to work both during the day and at night. We worked closely with the architect Marco Mangili to ensure that the open plan dining room, was different enough to the luxurious lobby but maintained a flow between the two areas that didn’t interrupt the continuity and design.


The word ‘Azalya’ means eternity in Arabic but is also a beautiful flowering plant. We combined mother of pearl closeup images to the collateral and added a turquoise give it an oceanesque feeling as there would be a lot of fresh seafood on offer in the restaurant.


I had the tassels handmade by a craftsman in one of the side streets in part of Dubai’s old village and the binding mechanism that this sat on was specially designed for this purpose. The brass rod was etched and filled with the branding and added a touch of glamour. All the textural elements created a well-rounded set of collateral for this sensory journey of seafood and selected premium drinks from Spain.


The logo on the front of the menus was set into a cavity the same size on the front cover. We had a huge minimum order for these and so we sized them sightly larger so that the remainder could be used as beautiful coasters at the bar and on the tables.

IMG_3636 IMG_0259


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