Emirates Hospital

Emirates Hospital boasts some of the most advanced medical tech in the world and is a luxury hospital in that patients can upgrade to superior and deluxe rooms or hotel apartments.

The brand came to us with no direction and was a tired old brand with many misconceptions of its target audience and its reputation was at stake.

After a lengthy and very in-depth strategy exercise, it was identified that the principle which  needed to guide the brand were simplicity, accessibility, agility and empathy.

LOGO I opted for a simple typeface that was created from scratch by a typographer under my direction that was unique and easily identifiable, simple, elegant and contemporary. The typeface was created in three weights, the heaviest of which was used to create the brand of the holding company – Emirates Healthcare – which provides an endorsement line underneath the Hospital logo and its subsidiaries.

I briefed and worked closely with renowned Arabic calligrapher and typographer, Wissam Shawkat to create the Arabic counterpart that reflects the English without losing the readability or integrity of the carefully crafted Arabic lettering.

typeface stationery-suite

The brand consists of a primary palette of blues, coupled with an emotionally engaging photo style.


The photo style and library that was created is patient-centric and empathetic, ensuring a level of comfort and emotional engagement from potential and existing patients. The lighting is bright and crisp, reinforcing the brand values throughout the visual aesthetic.


The website is user friendly and utilises the secondary colour palette, creating a friendly and assuring online experience. The user’s journey is pleasant with as few clicks as possible to get to the information they need as quickly and easily as possible. Large, full screen images are used to give a feeling of space and connection.


The app is easy to use and again colourful to help steer the user in the right direction with zero confusion.

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