Port Views

We were approached to brand up a new apartment block and community area that was being erected at Dubai Ports. The branding had to be accessible but maintain an aesthetic that not only communicated the location but also embodied the quality associated with the reputation of quality the developer had become synonymous with.


The brandmark concept is three fold:

  1. The striped icon was ideated by observing the patterns that appear when shipping containers that are placed next to each other are seen from above.
  2. The viewfinder that is placed around the icon speaks of the closed community that is Port Views as well as the incredible sea views that are so abundant around the area.
  3. The container pattern also appears as a kind of a knot used in sailing, suggesting an outdoors lifestyle that is extremely comfortable and wholesome.


The colour palette used has a marina or nautical feel, using a rich navy blue and bright white for a crisp and clean aesthetic. A soft yellow was added as a complimentary colour to create contrast and a softness.

The brochure features a mix of full large aspirational images, textures and family-oriented images to help potential buyers connect with the development. The stripes are brought in to help balance the elements and maintain an ordered grid.

Free-iPhone-6-Urban-Mockup Hoarding

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