A healthy food concept came to us with a beautiful space and needed to understand more about industry trends and where we could steer the concept to make it more unique.

A huge research phase was conducted and a brand strategy followed that put ‘mood food’ on the map for this restaurant. The idea that food affects your mood was our starting point and so the brief was for this to be vibrant and fresh.


The restaurant itself is located next to a pool and so we utilised this by creating a juice bar outside that can service the pool too and an inside area that was more of a sit down space.


The logo is simple and uncomplicated, living comfortably on the backlit lighting that was used for the signage.

The typography is a mix of a very well-rounded and simple sans that uses a lot of leading to create space, and a handwritten script.


The overall aesthetic of the brand style was based on the superfoods or ‘mood foods’ that would be typically found at this establishment. Avocados, papayas and eggs were drawn in a very simplistic layered style and then deconstructed and resized to create abstract patterns. This then went on to mask these patterns with various botanical shapes to push it further. The elements can be used together or on their own.



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