After the successful strategy and branding we completed of their previous concept, Craft Cafe, 3 Hospitality approached us to brand and consult on their new Peruvian concept, Waka. Owned and operated by Peruvian Chef Roberto Segura, something intricate was required. I oversaw the design of this brand, ensuring that it communicated the Peruvian nature of the restaurant while ensuring an air of luxury remained at the forefront.


The W monogram remains in the middle of all the branded materials, whether on its own or surrounded by the complex designs which were derived from Peruvian pattern work that we discovered during our research phase.

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The menus are all leather bound with contrasting hand-stitching to give a crafted and authentic feel. They are debossed with the monogram foiled in the middle of the various Peruvian patterns.


The colour palettes are dark and contrast well with the gold foiling and metal work that appears on some of the elements. These colours add a romance to the branding as they conjure up a sort of mystery that alludes to some ancient Incan temple or treasure chest.


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