Creative Services

I am a creative Specialist & Food Photographer but I am also a solutions-based problem solver with an exceptional creative eye.

Some of the project-based services I offer:


I have worked with so many restaurateurs over the years that it was a no brainer for me to take my passion for photography to the next level and start food styling and photographing my own shoots.

This meant that I was able to see your creative vision through to completion from inception through to the way the final product is perceived on both print and digital platforms.

Art Direction
I can direct your visual style so you are able to communicate your message in a succinct and effective manner  as well as deliver the end result of beautifully crafted photography.

I style your food or products according to guidelines and or a mood agreed by you to create beautiful images to be used in print or digital media. I have a wide collection of props that can be used in my own studio or I can work with props you would like included on your premises if that is preferred .

I’m also able to work with your preferred stylist to execute a photography brief and will treat it to the style you have in mind.


Brand Audit
I’ll take a look at all your branding material and your vision or mission as an individual or organisation and pull it apart, seeing where we are able to inject more brand authenticity and personality as well as brand narrative, either into your existing assets or we create new ones.

Brand Design & Development
What it says on the tin. Chat to me with your business idea or branding conundrum and I will design something beautiful and functional for you to take it to market.

Brand Storytelling
I work with you to enhance your brand’s authenticity and narrative through various channels whether this be your brand’s tone of voice, staff uniforms, interiors and other sensorial inputs that might affect your consumers / clients opinions of what your business done and what your values are.